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WHY Dynamics is born driven by the mission to expose a vision of the architecture and design of projects based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM. 

The architecture of our solutions aims to go beyond the resolution of functional needs in their context by means of logic and constructive coherence. In each project we work to make our vision of CRM architecture, both business and technical level and the needs of our customers come true.

Our experiences based on hundreds of national and international projects over 25 years, coupled with our vocation, service and responsiveness, help us to finish projects with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM On time.   

The WHY Dynamics team consists of professionals from Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM, including functional and technical Architects. Our multidisciplinary character allows the optimization of working times and guarantees continuous service to our clients during all phases and areas of the project.  


Currently we have offices in Madrid, from where we carry out our work both at national and international level. The scope of our projects ranges from the design and functional business planning in an organization, to the direction and management of technical projects, and includes all phases, the design of milestones & Springs.

The personalized treatment in each project is necessary to know the needs of each one of them and it is our way to materialize the ideas in a single and productive solution based on a standard like Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM. 


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Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

- Architectural and Design Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions

- Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Planning Delivery Time & Costs

- Design Scrum Planning

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